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SEO Copywriting in New Jersey

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SEO Copywriting in New Jersey

Tired of your website generating absolutely ZERO leads and drowning in the sea of sites below page 1 of Google’s search results?

The purpose of SEO copywriting is to achieve a very specific business objective – to make more money! You need a copywriter who is analytical, creative, and generates content tailored to your company.

I’ve worked with people like you who struggle to get their site to page 1 of Google, and I’ve helped their site jump to page 1 of Google bringing in hundreds of potential clients via organic search traffic.

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Benefits of SEO Copywriting

The benefit of SEO copywriting is to generate the best content on your website for customer acquisition and financial growth. I use well-known SEO industry tools to analyze where you stack up to the competition. I also analyze what’s missing from your site and go behind the scenes to update your HTML code for Google.

  • Do you know what H1, H2 or alt tags are?
  • Do you know how Google reads HTML tags to understand your website and know where to rank it?
  • Do you know what keywords your competitors are ranking for or which ones are missing from your site to organically rank higher in search results?

Whether your goal is to increase website visits, grow your email subscriber list, or acquire new customers, at Ruck Design every project begins with analyzing your business & website, understanding the needs of target customers, and gaining a working knowledge of your products & services.


How long does SEO copywriting take to get results?

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SEO copywriting differs from buying advertising because it relies on organic search results to bring in free traffic unlike paid search like Google Adwords.

SEO is a process that takes time, tweaking and analytical effort. SEO copywriting is the first step in getting your business to move up in the search results.

Some keywords will rank faster than others. I like to focus on keywords for your business that have higher volume monthly searches, lower volume websites to compete against and the potential to rank faster than the big, generic keywords in your industry.

SEO Process

My editorial projects focus on keywords that rank well in Google & convert customers once they visit your site. I optimize your site to compete against the crowded marketplace and get into the top 10 search results in Google.

I’ll translate your products & services into copy that convinces potential customers of the value of your offerings. The result is a much higher ranking in the search results for your business.

My #1 Goal is to get YOUR SITE to Page 1 of Google!


SEO Copywriting Plan

I’ll create a comprehensive plan to:

  • Optimize your site for SEO using industry standard tools
  • Rank money making keywords in Google
  • Create 100% unique & original content so you stand apart


My SEO services include:

  • Writing SEO Optimized Blog Posts
  • Writing New or Rewriting Existing Product Descriptions
  • Optimizing your Youtube channel to increase organic results – Youtube is an SEO art form
  • Managing Your Social Media Posts – Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • Graphic Design for Facebook Ads, Instagram & Twitter Posts
  • Pinterest Pinning to Drive Organic Traffic

Whatever the medium, web or print, I’ll help you sell more!

If you are looking for SEO copywriting in New Jersey or need to create professional copy for offline marketing, you can count on me. I deliver focused content for your business targeting your customers psychology and offering them the answers they seek.

If you are a northern New Jersey small business who needs local SEO, content optimization and a strategic business plan for your website, I’ll be happy to consult with you and advise next steps for your business.

Ruck Design is a New Jersey local SEO company in Summit, NJ focusing on SEO copywriting, keyword analytics, and content optimization for organic search results.

Contact me today for more information. I want to be your SEO Copywriter in New Jersey!

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